1. Where is the symposium held?
The symposium is held in Waterfront Hotel, Kuching.

2. Who can attend the symposium?
The symposium is open to all.

3. Will I receive a certificate of attendance for the symposium?
Yes, there will be a printed certificate for all participants and presenters.

Hotel and Travel

1. Where do I book my hotel room?
If you prefer to stay at the Symposium’s venue which is Waterfront Hotel, Kuching; you can book the room package through our Registration page on our website (



2. Does the hotel provide transportation to/from the airport?
The hotel does not provide transportation to/from the airport. However, you can book through CPH Travel for airport transfer arrangement. Kindly proceed to to make further bookings.

General guide around Kuching

1. What are the places of interest around Kuching?
You can refer to this link for more information. (About Sarawak). Book a tour here:


2. Where is the closest money changer from the symposium venue?
It can be found inside Plaza Merdeka; shopping mall that is connected to the symposium venue.



1. Will there be WIFI at the symposium?

2. Is there an official social media hashtag?
Our official social media hashtags are #iks2019 and #iks2019malaysia

3. My questions is not listed above. Whom do I contact?
Kindly email us at






1. How do I register for IKS 2019?
You can register and pay online through our website (

2. When is the deadline for registration?
The closing date for early bird registration is 1st of April 2019. The final registration date is 30th of June 2019.

3. What does the registration fee cover?
The registration fee covers the following:

  • Opening and closing ceremony
  • Light refreshment after Opening Ceremony
  • Entrance to all paper and workshop presentations
  • Music concerts
  • One day trip to Sarawak Cultural Village
  • Two-way transfer from Kuching Waterfront Hotel to Sarawak Cultural Village on the 7th of August 2019

4. Will I be able to attend the symposium if I do a walk-in registration?
We would encourage everyone to register before the closing date to enable the organiser to prepare materials, equipments and logistics. Also, there is no guarantee that there will be available spaces for walk-in participants.

5. Can I get my refund after my registration if I can no longer attend the symposium?
Unfortunately, no refund policy is applied for symposium fee as well as hotel booking.

6. I am an overseas participant and I need a letter of invitation before I can receive my visa. What is the procedure?
Once we have confirmed the payment of fees, a confirmation email will be sent to the participant.

7. Is there a discount for group registration?
Yes, there will be a special discount for a group of 25 pax and above. Kindly email us at

8. Is there funding available to help with travel/registration cost?
We regret to inform that there is no funding available.


1. Is there a dress code at the symposium?
The weather in Malaysia is warm and humid. For outdoor activities, thin and comfortable clothings such as short sleeves and shorts will work fine. However, the indoor air conditioning may be cold, so it is advisable to bring a jacket or scarf during the symposium’s session.



2. Do I need to prepare or bring anything prior to the symposium?
No. Participants should prepare some cash for meals as it is not included in the registration fee. The Waterfront Hotel is connected to Plaza Merdeka; where you can find a selection of restaurants, cafes and food court in the shopping mall. Alternatively, you may find other eateries such as Old Courthouse, cafes and China Town right opposite the hotel.

3. Can I bring my spouse/children?
Only registered participants are allowed to be part of the symposium.






1. In case of a medical emergency, who do I contact?
There are certified medical staff available in the hotel.



2. Where is the nearest hospital or clinic from the symposium venue?
The Sarawak General Hospital is just a ten minutes drive from the venue.



3. What are the emergency hotline in Malaysia?
Police or Ambulance – 999 or 112 from a mobile phone


1. 研讨会在哪里举行?

2. 谁可以参加研讨会?

3. 我是否会收到参加研讨会的出席证明?


1. 我在哪里预订酒店房间?

2. 酒店是否提供往返机场的交通服务?
酒店不提供往返机场的交通服务。但是,您可以通过CPH Travel预订机场接送安排。请进入进行预订。


1. 古晋周围有哪些景点?
您可以参考此链接以获取更多信息。 (关于砂拉越)。在这里预订旅游:

2. 距离研讨会场地最近的货币兑换商在哪里?


1. 研讨会是否提供网络服务?

2. 是否有官方社交媒体标签?

3. 我的问题没有在上面列出。我该联系谁?


1. 我如何注册IKS 2019?

2. 注册截止日期是什么时候?

3. 注册费用包括什么内容?


  • 开幕典礼和闭幕典礼
  • 开幕典礼后的点心
  • 参加所有论文和研讨会演讲
  • 音乐会
  • 砂拉越文化村一日游
  • 2019年8月7日从古晋海滨酒店到砂拉越文化村的双程接送服务

4. 我是否可以在现场注册参加研讨会?

5. 如果我无法参加研讨会,我可以在注册后获得退款吗?

6. 我是海外参与者,在收到签证之前我需要一封邀请函。程序是什么?

7. 团体登记有折扣吗?

8. 是否有资金可用于赞助我的旅行/注册费用?


1. 研讨会上有着装要求吗?

2. 在研讨会之前我是否需要准备或携带任何东西?
参加者必须准备一些现金购买餐点,因为注册费不包含膳食费。 古晋海滨酒店与默迪卡购物商场相连;您可以在购物商场找到各种餐馆,咖啡馆和美食广场。此外,您还可以在酒店对面找到其他餐馆,如Old Courthouse,咖啡馆和唐人街。

3. 我可以带我的配偶/孩子吗?


1. 如果发生医疗紧急情况,我该联系谁?

2. 离研讨会场地最近的医院或诊所在哪里?

3. 马来西亚的紧急热线是什么?
警察或救护车 – 手机999或112