Kuching Church Music Association

Kuching Church Music Association

Kuching Church Music Association

In 1986, brothers and sisters from varying denominations participated in the 8th World Association for Chinese Church Music Camp held in Tainan, Taiwan. Everyone was moved to establish a sacred music association in Kuching, with the aim to elevate the standard church music, to evangelize through hymns, and to promote sacred music ministry, all for the glory of God and the benefits of man.

On 9th September of the same year, Kuching Chinese Church Music Association was founded, with committee members from different denominations. KCCMA is a trans-denominational organization, which was later renamed Kuching Church Music Association (KCMA).

In November 1991, the ‘Song of Song Choir’, an affiliate of KCMA, presented anthems at various churches in Sabah and held a Choir Retreat. In 1992, they performed at churches in Jakarta, Indonesia and also participated in the World Association for Chinese Church Music Camp. In 1995, the Song of Song Choir sang in concerts and churches throughout Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane in Australia to celebrate the 9th Anniversary of KCMA, at the same time helped the local Chinese churches fundraising.

KCMA members also sang in different churches and gatherings, including Rev. Stephen Tong’s evangelical rally, religious seminars, and charity concerts. In early June 2008, KCMA hosted a 《World Chinese Sacred Music Conference》in Kuching, attracting more than 700 participants world wide.

To share the love of God, KCMA organized “Christmas Charity Musical Night ” for 4 consecutive years to raise funds for “Kuching Hospice Association and Cancer Care Center”, “Sarawak Children Cancer Society”,”Community Based Rehabilitation Centre”, “Kuching Autistic Association”, “Dyslexia Association of Sarawak” and “Persatuan Dialisis Cahaya Kuching”.

In 2012, KCMA invited vocalist Ms Chia Yee Yean from West Malaysia to conduct a one-to-one vocal training once every two months, which greatly benefited the choir members in improving their singing techniques. From 2015 till now, the association has also invited the renowned conductor from Singapore, Mr Toh Ban Sheng to train choir members, and to conduct at musical concerts organized by KCMA.

Under the grace of our heavenly Father, KCMA had the opportunities to spearhead various sacred music ministries for the past 30 years, such as: sacred music workshop, vocal classes, choir seminars, conducting classes, piano accompaniment masterclasses, children and teenagers choir camps, and invite musicians from all over the world like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, United States, Singapore, Indonesia, East and West Malaysia, to perform and coach the choir. KCMA also hold an annual sacred music worship and praise evening, as well as inviting various composers to share and conduct their own compositions.

KCMA continues in its mission to promulgate sacred music ministry, to assist church choirs in elevating their standard, and become a blessing to all.